Thursday, July 5, 2007

13) Front tear down time!

I've started tearing down the front end spot weld by spot weld! It's so much easier to cut out sections with the 3" cut off wheel, then work your way around drilling the spot welds out. This is the least disruptive way that I can take panels apart. I'm know there are special made drill bits to extract spot welds, but I don't mind taking weeks to do a job that some chump can do in an hour ; )

Here you can see that I've got the right side almost all the way removed. I've also gone ahead and removed the lower A pillar. (It was a goner!) I've noticed also here that my foot wall (normally a firewall on a front engine car) is really rusty, plus the front section of my rocker panel is just about rotted out too! (That was new like 5 years ago!) Time to order pieces parts!


12) Current Progress

I'm busy retro posting, so this is progress, but a little while ago. How long ago, let's just say this project has been in the works for a few years : )

Keep tuned for more updates, and I promise I'll catch up to real time soon!

This is the current progress of the rear luggage compartment. I still have some tar to remove. It's pretty easy if you just hit the underside with some heat, then scrape it right off.


11) More detail on another patch

Here's a little more detail on another patch I made. You can see the holes I drill all around that I used to plug weld in. For a nicer looking outcome, welding around the perimeter and then grinding smooth works well. For a perfect fit, cut the metal so that it is flush with the hole. Later I'll post some pics of flush welding.

And here is the final outcome. Eventually I will seal all the exposed seams with a seam sealer.