Saturday, April 12, 2008

32) Intake and coolant manifold mock up


After cleaning the engine, I started messing around with intake positions. Putting the intake on the stock way makes the throttle body point directly at the firewall. I don't want to cut the firewall, so I needed to find a better way. Thankfully the Internet has many Subaru -> Beetle projects, and I found that you can flip the intake 180 degrees! Works great, except I see that the stock intake piping is too big and will hit the decklid. My plan here will be to get some 90 degree pipe bends, and a 90 degree silicon elbow to connect to the throttle body. (More pictures to come)


Here is the other side. You can also see the coolant manifold has also been flipped around 180 degrees. This will make for nicer piping location to the front of the car. I didn't want to have to pipe from the rear of the engine and down past the exhaust. My plan is to use aluminum tubing and radiator hose to go from below the right axle, inside to the center channel and out the front of the car from the middle of the beam. Stay tuned for pictures of the whole thing!

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