Saturday, May 10, 2008

34) Intake planning


Got some parts for the intake here. I also found a nifty little adapter to go from my mass air flow meter, back to a 3" pipe. This is where I'll put on some sort of a cone filter. I've got an old one laying around here, so I'll first try that. Here you can also see some silicon tubing that I'll use for the connections needed to the intake. The two little plastic bags there have some tube barbed fittings that I'll use to attach the tube to the shinny L bends.


Here's the first mock up. You can see that I didn't need my long straight piece. And I also picked up a 90 degree silicon bend to fit on my throttle body. While I was setting this all up, I kept closing the deck lid to make sure it all fits. So the air filter in the back will need a bracket to bolt it up to the firewall. I'm also thinking about using one of those "bubble" silicon joints instead of the straight joint there. This way when the engine moves it will allow the intake to move separately.

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